Chain Federal Specifications

9-1.9.5 Removal Criteria

An alloy steel chain sling shall be removed from service if any of the following conditions are present:
a) Missing or illegible sling identification (see Section 9-1.7).
b) Cracks or breaks.
c) Excessive wear, nicks, or gouges. Minimum thickness on chain links shall not be below the values listed in Table 9-1.9.5-1.
d) Stretched chain links or fittings.
e) Bent, twisted, or deformed chain links or fittings.
f) Evidence of heat damage.
g) Excessive pitting or corrosion.
h) Lack of ability of chain or fittings to hinge (articulate) freely.
i) Weld splatter.
j) For hooks, removal criteria as stated in ASME B30.10.
k) For rigging hardware, removal criteria as stated in ASME B30.26.
l) Other conditions, including visible damage, that cause doubt as to continued use of the sling.